Twenty Fifteen Child Theme

Twenty Fifteen Child Theme
Twenty Fifteen Child Theme

So I’ve implemented a child theme for this research blog. For a while I’ve used Twenty Fifteen, because it’s a blog-oriented theme. But I have to hack some costum pages for the research project. I need pages that map the project, and pages that’ll sum up the proceedings of the present blog.

That’s a job for a child theme!

The code for the child theme is available on Github.


Getting the cases via the central hand in WF is not as easy as presumed. The system is more or less manual. Getting cases or conducting searches is not an option.

Plan B: source = lecturers.

The general research will continue. Here the sources are:

  • WP debates: participation.
    • Focus I: Core.
    • Focus II: Training.

The project description had to change. A stakeholder thought that “there are enough books about WP”. I agree – also because my involvement in WordPress is research as opposed to evangelism.

Projektbeskrivelse III

Tredje iteration af projektbeskrivelsen skippet med posten. En væsentlig ændring er præcisering af forskningsspørgsmålet til:

Hvilken viden om kode og workflows er nødvendig for at udvikle avancerede WordPress-løsninger til virksomheden?

Det er en meget varm dag. Ventilator kører for fuld hammer. Altandøren  er åben. Solen skinner over Aarhus.