Research Progress: Cases and Twentyseventeen

Cases and Twentyseventeen
Cases and Twentyseventeen

Now I have read all the available WordPress cases on the BAAA server. I have followed the development of the Twentyseventeen core theme. In both cases the reading should be followed by interviews.

And then the next logical step is to select the most relevant cases. Each case is surrounded by a small group of stakeholders, such as:

  • The business
  • Contact persons in the business
  • Students
  • Teachers at the BAAA

Twentyseventeen is perhaps the most important case. Because here you can see the interaction between Automattic and the open source community. Twentyseventeen is integrated in the WordPress-core, therefore it is not a trivial matter.

By now I can see, that the Multimedia studens work hard with tweaking themes and child themes. Some of them even write their responsive themes from scratch.

In the end I hope, that the research will show:

  • How WordPress is created.
  • How WordPress solutions are used in danish and international businesses.

In the end these answers will form the answer to my initial quest: “What You Should Know About WordPress”.


The work on twentyseventeen begins these days. The files are shared on github. And a team of designers are working together. Here are notes from the first meeting:

The standard themes on WP are called twenty-(someting). So far Helen Hou-Sandi tells, that Twentyseventeen will be a responsive onepager.

  • Here is a gallery with features and idea.

The team call out for WP developers:

How can you get involved?

There will be weekly meetings every Friday at 18:00 UTC in #core-themes starting today. During that time, the focus will be on the theme itself. If you are interested in contributing, keep an eye out here for updates or join us in #core-themes in Slack.

If you have some early thoughts on what would make this a great WordPress experience, or if you’re generally interested in participating, sound off in the comments. Please hold any design feedback for Friday’s meeting. where we can have a conversation about it in greater depth.

Here is a mockup from Helen Hou-Sandi’s post showing several devices.

The theme is designed by Mel Choyce.

Boston-based UI/UX designer, WordPress core contributor, craft beer fan, and unrepentant sci-fi/fantasy geek. I’m a Design Engineer at @automattic.

Twentyseventeen mockup
Twentyseventeen mockup

Helen and Mel work at Automattic. So the themes grow i a forest that’s more or less planted by Matt Mullenweg’s company.

The early stage is shared on Github. As soon as the code is considered stable it will become part of the WP core. Here’s the Theme Review Team guidelines.

Issues on Github

If you want to know the developers thoughts and visions go to “Issues“. A good example is the debate on .SVG in place of icon fonts. Follow this thread.

By now there are only 31 issues.