Literature Review Database II

The notes table
The notes table

Well, in order to keep track of notes it is necessary to combine the notes with the sources. Now the research database has two tables:

  1. One for collecting sources.
  2. Notes to the sources. The tables are connected by a foreign key.

The database is basicly a research tool. So I save the data on a localhost and use Adminer as GUI. Adminer is really a “functionalistic” KISS production. What you really need is there.

It’s a very simple database. Later on I can export the tables and use the data online – that is: if I want to do so.

Research Database Schema
Research Database Schema

Sprint 2: Literature Review

Literature Review Database
Literature Review Database

Sprint 2

The next 14 day sprint marks the beginning of the literature review. The research project description is finished. Now I’ll begin to pile up cases, books and other sources. In order to keep track I have designed a database. Since it is a very small database I did not care to normalize the table. I guess I’ll have to add a timestamp. Then it’s ok.

Gulp Proposal Debate

I’d like to propose a gulp based build process for this theme (Ahamadwais in this thread)

Ahamadwais proposed a Gulp based build process. The answer from the developer team was “keep it simple”. However they admitted that they use Grunt for the initial code.

– “I think the takeaway is that solutions should not be looking for problems.” (Helen Hou-Sandi)

IMHO it is better to keep the code simple.